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Deep Groove

Presented by Dj Nick Martira

Deep Groove, a mixed program of house music only with the latest international news of the house music, conducted and mixed by Nick Martira

Nick Martira (born Nicola Martiradonna on 15 February 1979 in Bari, Puglia, Italy) is a house DJ, music producer, radio host and founder of the group Housevolution … Main part of the different musical projects including “Hev Studios”, the beating heart of the various labels managed for the group’s labels.

I’m a professional DJ since 1993 began his career in the first radios and clubs of his country from 1993 and 1999.
Today the manager of the brand “Housevolution” and Studio Recording (Hev Studios), a pioneer of several radio and live music programs including “The Club House Room”, currently works full time for high quality house music for different record labels .

He has remixed and collaborated on several projects with some legends such as Todd Terry, Dawn Tallman, Robert Owens, Monia Amore, Stephy Lange, Woodly Smick, D’Layna, Orlando Johnson, Kardri Anne, Groove Addix, Sophia May, Annette Taylor, Ada Dyer, Misteralf, Ezio Centanni and many other artists.


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